About us

Welcome to the PilatesCenter!

Established way back in 2000, our professional Pilates studio is definitely ranked amongst some of the bests and most popular studios of the city. 

With a true variety of workouts, programs and classes available, such as the Pilates apparatus sessions, group classes, and mat classes, we are your one-stop destination for anything and everything Pilates!

Why We’re Different

While most typically an instructor at a class does not give individual attention to a member of the group class, our coaches do find the time and desire to reach out to every single attendee for an advice, a helping hand or a useful tweak into the way their routine is going… Their deep knowledge of the human anatomy and movement is second to their natural gift of conveying the Method’s principles for everybody to understand. Most of the coaches that we have here have graduated with their training licenses from the CPNYC teacher training program and come from backgrounds as diverse as professional dancing to CrossFit and Yoga.

The Classical Experience

Our studio features apparatus that Joseph Pilates designed and our training adheres to the “classical” system or order of exercises!


This is where we offer so much more than our competition does!

Our Pilates classes are acknowledged, even by rivaling Pilates studios as smartly organized and skillfully executed, while also being brilliantly taught. 

This is all because while the majority of other Pilates studios simply base their classes on the traditional techniques and exercises of the classical Pilates of the middle of the century, we did manage to enhance that by adding tons of  innovative twists to the classical themes that always keep them new and addictive.

As an example of our coaches’ ingenuity just sign up and try a Tower and Reformer fusion class in our Core30/30 or the ever-popular Reformer Jumpboard class to truly be in the know!

Specialized Training and Programs

From Prenatal Tower, Props, and special Apparatus classes, a Mommy-and-Me program to at-home-training for new moms, our Prenatal/Postnatal Program has the most offerings for mom’s to be in the City!







as a Lifestyle

Incorporating some features of aerobics, some of the “regular”,
classical fitness and a bit of the yoga’s peace of mind, Pilates has
everything both your body and your mind may need!



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Pilates if Perfect

for Pregnant Women

While Pilates has stuff to offer to each single specific group of
people, it is even more of a perfect fit when practiced by women
during pregnancy!



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is Diverse

We are eager to tell any prospective student just how versatile and
universal at the same time all of the workouts in Pilates are…



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I feel incredibly lucky that when I was waiting for my first baby, my good old friend Janice advised me to attend Pilates breathing classes. It proved to be just as fun and useful as she told me, so for my next 3 pregnancies I attended those classes as well!
Sarah O'Malley